King David did not have this privilege (experience)

So it’s a new page… it’s a new year and a fresh look of this website heheh.

The year 2011 wrapped up for me with a rather bad taste in the mouth. For the second time, on the afternoon of December 31, 2011 there was a break in and I had my two thousand dollar guitar and a bag that had my fx and other accessories borrowed forever.

I had come into work after a week off following the Christmas celebrations. Ever since the theft of my Larivee a few months prior, I had opted not to leave my precious instruments in the building. On this particular day, I brought in my instruments/ accessories to prep for the next days worship. As I was the only individual in the building, I left my instruments and bag on the stage while I went to sort out sheet music in my office (and do a much needed cleanup).

Later when I came downstairs a couple hours later, I discovered the broken basement window and the missing gear. I went blank.

Martin DC16 RGTE, Line 6 JM Looper, a bunch of harmonicas and accessories were no cheap belongings. And this being the second time in one single year, even worse.

Perhaps that was why I drew a blank when the cop came. I had even forgotten what guitar picks were called.

Anyhow, a month later I am still here. I am still alive and God is still good. Despite all the failed craigslist visits in search for my borrowed stuff, I still believe God is good. I am privileged to be working in a inner city church and minister and learn from the ‘marginalized urban poor’.

Through this process, while sifting thru the emotions et all, I have to ask myself why I worship… Do I worship well only with a great sounding instrument? What if the instrument is taken away? Can I worship without it? What is the essence of true worship really?

Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

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