Today, our conversation and discussion will be around Corporate Worship Leading. By Corporate Worship, we are talking about Public or Congregational Worship. It is different from the personal worship times you have by yourself in the woods or in your car while driving. 
I have divided Worship Leading into three segments and we will look at the Leadership through these lenses.

The conversation on CBC radio went..

Q: How would you define music in a way the hearing impaired may be able to understand?
A: Music is what it will sound like if the heart could sing.

The Goal of worship leading is to connect with God

                  as well as lead and direct people to God. 

The Worshipper Connects with God:
As worship leaders, our first and foremost call is to be worshippers ourselves and secondly to include and encourage others to worship. Sometimes #2 takes precedence over #1 and we lose perspective when our priority is warped. We assess the success and failure of our worship leading based on the number of raised hands, the number of folks singing with their eyes closed, or how loud they sing. In that misconceived sense of responsibility, we get carried away thinking we need to work the crowd; thus making them to stand, raise their hands, clap etc. There is nothing wrong with loosening your congregation by doing these things, but I think sometimes it can just be the worship leader’s insecurity or growing pangs. (Psst!! I’ve been leading worship since I was a teenager ;-)

Authentic worship is contagious!

One summer afternoon in 2012, Jeff and I went for a walk to the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park in our church hood. As we stepped into the flower garden section, our eyes feasted on the beauty of nature. The landscape and color patterns were breath taking. A stranger pulled out his odd looking little wind instrument and began playing Amazing Grace out of the blue. It was awesome…but more than that, it was a holy ground. We paused and worshipped for a moment without uttering a word.

Authentic worship is contagious.

As a Worship Leader you must be
willing to be the first one to go into the presence of God. People come to a Sunday service preoccupied with emotions, hurts, hang-ups and habits and a lack of sleep J. Not everyone comes ready to participate in worship although no doubt there is a longing to meet with God. It may not happen right away, but when you lead into the throne room of hope, forgiveness and redemption, they will follow you there sooner or later. You need to be a worship "leader" not a worship "director".

To be continued..... 

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