lalpi's story

"I am a product of Jesus' second chance," Lalpi Guite introduced himself to an audience gathered at a Vancouver conference. The statement sums up Lalpi's life and music. His previously wayward life was transformed after his encounter with Jesus. He says about his encounter, "There are no words to describe how clean I felt the day I accepted Jesus. It's been a great journey and a challenge to walk the path of grace without compromise."

Music has always been part of Lalpi's life. He was born in Manipur, India, and grew up listening to diverse genres of music, ranging from Paite tribal tunes to Indian raags to the Beatles. He taught himself to play the guitar, began performing when he was 11 years old as part of a band, and has been writing his own music since his early 20's.  

After several years of curiosity-driven rebellion, the prodigal came to his senses. His desire to know God took him to Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in 1987. His time with YWAM was an eye-opening experience of how God can use an ordinary tribal boy. Apart from worship leading, Lalpi was involved with evangelism teams - street preaching, door to door evangelism, creative arts evangelism, performing at schools and colleges, church planting, coffee house, etc. A rock band grew out of the coffee house that toured many parts of India.

His desperate longing to express his heart led him to songwriting, and God confirmed it by bringing encouragement to many discouraged hearts through his songs.

While in India, he also toured as a musician with a number of well-known worship leaders such as Bob Fitts (Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty) and Karen Lafferty (Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God), to name a few.

Lalpi has a story to tell. His story is that of struggles in life; but ultimately, about the hope that he found in Jesus. He wants his music to inspire and encourage others to see beyond their immediate circumstances.

He has been residing in Vancouver, Canada since 2003, and is currently serving as the Worship Pastor and overseeing the OpenTable Ministry (soup kitchen) at Cityview Baptist Church ( He is grateful that he has the opportunity to use his creative skills and serve the down-and-out low income group. ‘I feel fortunate’ he says.

Apart from leading worship at his home church every sunday, Lalpi performs and plays gigs at coffee shops and other events around Metro Vancouver.